Saturday, February 5, 2011


Its funny sometimes, people spend most of their lives in front of their PC/laptop on the internet...either chatting with friends, using orkut, FB, different email boxes, watching movies/television on net and general reading.....A friend of mine would read almost every single review of movies released....has he watched all of the movies?..NOPE barely any...maybe 5% of them...he is a voracious reader....and has REM with overflowing nervous energy and impatience all the time....almost like a crow....he is extremely opinionated on everything....and barely trusts his own intuition....everything is based on what "he has heard from other sources" and even for grading those sources he would look outwards again and read about the credibility of that too......How does my description sound? evokes a certain uncomfortable feeling in me....its like something so essential is missing but I cannot put it into words.....this guy has an array of talents and is fairly impressive "by the book" otherwise.....but lacks something so profound we all know....

Here is my attempt to put that discomfort into words....I think internally he is lost......he completely relies on external sources to tell him what to do and what will give him a reward/how rewarding that thing would matter how intelligent or smart one may seem what really moves us is essence......the real essence in a human being is his case, it is enclosed in a black box covered with a cloak of all kinds of logical manipulations and constructions.....real admiration and beauty too comes form the spirit and we easily spot that in others too....but that feeling cannot be expressed in words....this person would need to see that "Our every single action seeks a reward from the reward center which is within us"....and that is the only place we can find true knowledge which anyways cant be conveyed with language.....language was constructed to convey something much more does a fairly good job at it but nothing comparable to the concept underlying its creation.....this person is essentially living in a dream.....trapped within his own beliefs and ignorance about some fundamental truths....its a prison that is growing in his own mind...its expanding and further getting entrenched

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