Thursday, January 23, 2014

The basic substance of everything is 'knowing'

The basic substance everything is made up of is 'consciousness/knowing/cognition'.

The physical laws are only a persistent appearance/illusion of the noumenon. For e.g.: regular day and night, regular seasons, other repeating patterns observed. It is like the habit of the noumenon (just like we have habits in our personal lives) but these habits are not its real nature. These habits are not the only reality there is. They are one among infinite potentials possible.

The true nature of the noumenon is infinite out of which the manifest world is one of its potentials. It is just an appearance just like the a Television screen could show one movie or a certain color pattern again and again but that is not the nature of the television screen since each of its pixels can show an infinite range of color, brightness etc.
The sun rising and setting everyday, the different seasons is like a movie that is persistently playing on the giant 7-D screen of consciousness. But the screen's nature is infinite. It chooses to show this pattern right now.
At one level I can say, each of us has a personal screen and we all inhabit a shared screen too. But even that is a concept. If you go more fundamental than that, there is only 1 screen in which everything appears/disappears/changes.
It is this screen that knows itself and its infinite contents. Time/Space/Physical laws observed/language etc. are all qualities that the screen displays. But the screen is not bound by any of these things by its nature. That's why its said, everything that you experience is only an appearance. Its as if you are God and morphing into a million faces for the play of it, but your nature is beyond all of the faces you appear to be.

Friday, January 3, 2014

'Rest is potential', 'Infinite Rest is Infinite potential'

Rest is potential energy. More the rest, more the kinetic potential. Just like if you rest more deeply at night, you will have more energy during the day. Similarly when the 'personal will' is resting, it accumulates potential and becomes much more powerful. When your life is out of alignment with the universal force, your 'personal will' is burdened and just replenishes to a break-even point in every rest cycle. So its like a hand to mouth existence, no energy is really accumulated. The way to unlimited energy and abundance is complete alignment with the universal. In all other cases, depending upon the degree of misalignment, your energy tends to get exhausted quicker.

To witness infinite potential, you would have to reach infinite rest because rest IS potential itself.

There is only 'universal will', personal will is an appearance within it

Everything I do is goal driven in a relationship. Why would I propose to meet someone? Do any activity for that matter? OR even invite someone without a plan or a goal? I obviously have a goal each time I DO anything. The same applies to work, how can I do anything without an intention or goal? Now the 'I' here refers to my psychic center (ego) goals.

Can a goal materialize purely from outside without involvement of this center? In which case, I am being moved by a force outside of me and surrendering to it. So I may appear to be goal driven to other people, but I am at complete rest and its a 'BEING DONE' vs 'DOING'. It is a surrendering of the 'personal will' and a hand over to the 'universal force' will. In this way, the 'personal will' has much more power because when at rest it accumulates potential. In fact, the 'personal will' itself is a particular kind of manifestation of the 'universal will'. So even you discovering 'universal will' and handing over your 'personal will' to it is a process done by the 'universal will'. So there is only the 'universal will', and all manifestation in your experience is an appearance created by the universal will.

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