Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Qualities of a diamond mapped to experience

The ideal +ve experience is where the mind is like an infinitely large diamond that is clear, does not hold anything but yet, reflects/refracts the infinite contents around it brilliantly. 

Qualities of a diamond mapped to experience qualities:
Interpretation = Refraction
Awareness = Reflection
Time = Movement
Belief = Light
The game of reflection, refraction, movement and light is perceived as meaning by the witness.

When it comes to imagination, the best imagination of reality is like a diamond, the least imagination of reality is like a mirror which simply reflects 'what is'. 
When it comes to awareness, the best awareness is 'Infinite', while the least imagination is 'Unitary object'.

I could also call this: Mind and Contents. 
Mind like a diamond with infinite contents --------------------Mind like a mirror with single content
Infinite awareness+Diamond like imagination+Optimal movement/change.

I could also call it: Interpretation and Raw Materials(Objects). 
Interpretation like a diamond + Infinite Objects --------------------------------------- Interpretation like a mirror + Single Object.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Mirroring of qualities in interactions, equanimity as a transcendent relationship

Qualities <x> tend to be simply mirrored among people in interactions:

We feel <x>, when witnessing <x>
We feel <x> towards <x>
We react with <x>, towards observed behavior <x>

Anger towards Anger
Hatred towards Hatred
Judgment towards Judgment
Intolerance towards Intolerance
Destruction towards Destruction
Violence towards Violence
Irritation towards Irritation
Anxiety towards Anxiety
Sadness towards Sadness
Frustration towards Frustration
Depression towards Depression
Fear towards Fear
Rejection towards Rejection
panic towards panic
unrest towards unrest
distress towards distress
struggle towards struggle
resistance towards resistance
fighting towards fighting
silence towards silence
indifference towards indifference
neglect towards neglect

Love towards Love
Attraction towards Attraction
Admiration towards Admiration
Excitement towards Excitement
Calmness towards Calmness
Happiness towards happiness
Fascination towards Fascination
Jovialness towards Jovialness
Energeticness towards Energeticness
Acceptance towards Acceptance

Equanimity is about transcending this action/reaction paradigm and just a clear seeing of 'What is'.
Its like moving in the 'Z' axis and seeing the whole 'x,y' paradigm and then projecting 'Acceptance' as a mega-relationship to the entire 'action/reaction' paradigm/plane and all its contents.
Equanimity is a transcendent relationship to the action/reaction plane.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Lament about existential condition

How have people managed to collapse their infinite imagination potential
Into this severely constrained and limited space/time framework
Into this culture/society/belief/identity/commitment paradigm
I mean seriously, how can you constrain yourself like this?

It seems like such an insult, disgrace
Like i've been greatly wronged, punished
Like a severe prison I've been put into
Why would I ever decide to enter this realm of severe limitation
With a body which I have to constantly worry about and protect?

I live in constant fear
Of losing what little I have
Which everything around me keeps constantly threatening
And even to keep the little freedom I have
I have to work everyday for other people's wills
And sell my soul away

What kind of a punishment is this?
This is just horrid, appalling, despicable.
What is the purpose of this realm of severe limitation?
It is such an insult to my infinite nature, to define myself as a narrow concept.
I mean how can I sell my soul like this, so cheap?

Is this the price for my attachments?
Such a great price?
Just to live in this first class prison?
Just to live in fear of loss all the time?

How can a sane man live happily?
In this condition?
How can he be so blind?
So as to not see how badly he has been limited?
Can ignorance of imagination really be that great?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Poetic insight - 20 Nov

Trust the flow,
Trust the movement
Its all a dream

You dream you are weak
you dream you are powerful
You dream you are happy
You dream you are sad
You dream things are terrible
You dream things are beautiful

The objects contain no qualities
Apart from the ones you project
The external world is a humble prop
Your humble servant, An inviting stage
A canvas for your dreams
Your dreams of adventure
Dreams of understanding
Dreams of deprivation
Dreams of delight
Dreams of fantasy
Dreams of greatness
Dreams of suffering
Dreams of sorrow
Dreams of limitation

What a strange world this is
what a strange existence this is
how absurd is everything
Why do I exist as me
In this place, time and situation

Witness your power as the dreamer
See that light and shadow is your sweetest game
See the magic in this absurdity
Realize there has never been anything apart
The ultimate reality is you
That mystery is you
The unborn is you
The magic is you

Your intellect and knowledge
Are accumulations of a man walking backwards
He walks backwards into the unknown
But sees and holds on to his passing creations
Believing its him and acting from there
Not realizing he is not his creation
He limits himself in fear of loss
But in reality
He is that very unknown he steps into
At every moment

What you create from accumulation
From prior knowledge and experience
Is already dead and stale
The truth is ever-new, ever-refeshing

Create from the unmanifest
Create from the spontaneous
Create from the unknown
Create from the unexpected
That is where the true ecstasy lies

Reclaim your true identity
Return to the unmanifest
Your unborn nature
The infinite potential

The ultimate understanding

Today, it occurred to me, 'enlightenment' just sounded like a funny sounding word to me. The ultimate understanding is that there is that there is nothing TO understand. Understanding itself is an appearance in the pool of ever changing appearances in consciousness.

An analogy would be similar to thinking a cartoon character in the movie screen is real, but the truth is not only is the character not real, but also, all the content displayed on the screen is made up of the pixels of the screen. The screen pixels refer to the pixels of experience/consciousness/awareness/perception.

- This understanding develops by first viewing everything as consciousness/awareness/appearances/phenomena. 'Absolutely Nothing' can be excluded. This deepening takes inquiry, interest and practice.
- Reduce everything to this one substance and then start your observation from that point of view.
- Next observe the impermanence and change of all phenomena.
- When change is observed carefully, non-essence of anything is revealed.
Rule: If an object makes a 100% change in its nature from state A to state B, this implies the true nature of this object is unknown/mystery. 100% change = implies unknown/mystery nature. So if you observe 100% change in your awareness, the non-essence of all content is revealed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Irrelevance of external appearances and belief's about other people's enlightenment

There are some states of mind, that make life easy.
There are some states of mind that make life very hard.

Generally the more you rebel against God's will (the effortless undercurrent), the more difficult life becomes. But this rebelling or flow, is an internal experience. How you appear externally is completely irrelevant.

Externally you may appear to resist or comply, but this external appearance says very little about your internal experience. Someone may appear to greatly resist what's going on in society, but its barely a struggle for him, its effortlessly happening. On the other hand, someone may appear to comply with all the demands put on him, but internally he maybe secretly resenting this and bitter towards his compliance.

So 0 resistance, effortlessness is purely an internal experience. There is no way of knowing or proving whether another person is effortless or resisting in this life, or how much he is resisting.

This is why it is impossible to know if another person is enlightened or not, in fact it is totally irrelevant. After all everything is made up of You, Your experience, Your consciousness, Your Awareness.

If you imagine another person is enlightened, then you would try to attain his state of mind (as imagined by you).

Enlightenment is Transcendence, not an attainment of a particular state of mind. It is transcendence from everything.
To give an analogy: Its is not about a fish moving from one region of the water in the ocean to another region. It is about the fish looking at the entirety of water from an entirely different dimension that is 'Air' or 'Land'. The water here is experience, and enlightenment is about transcending experience, not moving from one experience to another. It is seeing that 'No experience is You' and that 'You' are beyond all experience.

It is the removal of identity, identification, from all experience - the nameless formless boundless thing that is left, is the real you.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why does this realm of existence exist?

If everyone is eventually going to realize the nature of their true self...then its just god playing different masks at different levels of distance away from his true nature... The most far-out adventure is of the person who believes he is something extremely limited... But as long as he believes in that, that is the truth for him and he simply acts from that place...the question would be: What would you do if you are god? And use the full power of your imagination to answer this question...your own imagination ultimately has the answer for why this plane of existence exists....out of all the infinite possibilities why does this possibility exist? Is the contemplation...why experience such limitation in terms of time space body survival social systems etc.?...if you were god, would you ever create something like this?....ultimately everything is made up of spirit/consciousness...So its just a question of knowing your infinite nature and then understanding why this particular realm exists.

Modalities of experience used by the spirit to play

There are 3 modalities of experience props for the spirit:
Sensory, Mind, Belief

Sensory modalities:

Internal: Feel, Image, Talk
External: Touch, Sight, Sound

Meaning superimposing/projecting itself onto sensory modalities:
Sound - What is the meaning projected on music? What is the meaning of language?
Sight - What is the meaning projected on art paintings?
Touch - What is the meaning of exotic textures?

Image - What is the meaning of mental images?
Feel - What is the meaning of emotions, internal feelings? (Energy body)
Talk - What is the meaning of the subvocalized inner voice, or recreating sounds in my head?

Mind modality - Lets define this modality/dimension as the conceptualizer of experience. The mind is also a generator of thoughts - ideas, concepts, imagination.

How much meaning do your ideas, thoughts, imaginations, concepts give you?

Belief modality - What do you recognize yourself to be (what flavor of experience, what qualities)? What are you identified with? What are you moving towards? Why do you like/dislike different things? What stories have you internalized? What is your conditioning and how does it condition your present experience? What do you desire/seek?

How much meaning do you feel from your beliefs, goals, identity, direction of life?
Spirit/Meaning modality - How do you process/interpret all of the other modalities? How do you project meaning on all of the other modalities?

The spirit modality is the final one and it comes down to INPUT INTERPRETATION - Input from all the other modalities i.e. Sensory (internal, external), Mind and Belief.

The spirit is the dreamer, the ultimate subject who does the INPUT/DREAM INTERPRETATION of all of the INPUT/CONTENT (All of the other modalities).

Ultimately all of the other modalities are simply different kinds of props used by the Spirit as props for meaning. That is how a spirit enjoys itself, by creating various props, giving them LIFE ('meaning' projections) and playing with them. Very similar to how a child picks up a bunch of toys and merrily plays with them. 

The external world/conceptual framework etc. is like a shared reality, which serves as a prop, for a bunch of spirits to come down to this plane and experience this.

This earth plane of existence with its laws is very limited, manifestation is much slower compared to the higher dimensions the spirit is used to, many swaths of experience are not available to the spirit at all here, however it is an interesting experience for a spirit to incarnate here as a body, because its a place that allows the spirit to experience LIMITATION.

This experience of LIMITATION then potentates the experience of FREEDOM once the spirit is out of here.

It is like, if you watch a movie about people that are starving, suffering, facing danger and dying, a part of you feels relief that your life is so much safer. Similarly a spirit incarnates here to experience limitation, so that once free, the freedom is all the more wonderful.

Contemplation: Nov 18: The external world is just a prop

The external world is just a prop for your projections, like how props are used in a play.
What makes the experience of the real play happen? Its projection.
We project meaning onto to the external world, and that's what creates riches.
True riches = Meaning, Synthesis of Imagination into a whole.
Meaning is beauty, a gestalt perception, where the whole>>>sum of the parts.
Meaning is like a dream. Different meaning frameworks = different dreams.

About meaning:
- Like imagine the difference between a dead human body and a living human, what is the difference in your perception?

- Imagine a movie playing with just random lights flashing, completely meaningless VS. a movie which is riveting and has you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. What is the difference?

- Even cartoon movies /cartoons can make us project all kinds of emotions on the characters. How is this possible? How do we project life like qualities onto cartoon characters?

- How is idol worship possible? How can we project the greatest of qualities on a stone idol.

- How does a child play with toys?dolls?miniatures? How do we lose this imagination ability in our adulthood?

- If you visit your childhood home and walk around all the streets, how many memories does it bring back? Imagine you invited a friend to walk with you on the same streets, would the place carry even a fraction of the significance you experienced? 

- When you repeat a word again and again for more than 30 times, the meaning of the word is lost right. You just hear it as a strange sound. What is exactly lost here?  

About drugs:
Psychedelics open up this very part, its as if suddenly your projections get as fascinating as they were in your childhood, or even better and they pour onto all your thoughts, memories and other sensory experiences causing a flood of meaning.
Once they wear off, you return to your old meaning framework.

Source of meaning/riches/imagination/beauty/love/creation:
What is interesting is that, all the meaning is projected by you, from the spiritual dimension to the sensory appearances in the world.

So you could say meaning comes from within.
The source of experience/projection/imagination is within.
The external objects and external meanings are ultimately what you projected on them from within, i.e. the source.
The ultimate source of all creation is you, inside you, intrinsic in your very nature.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Contemplative Insight - Nov 15, 2014

About Drugs:
Drugs dramatically change what is. Upto a 100% obliteration of reality can happen.
Drugs are the dream for someone who is radically averse to 'What is' / OR wanting to completely change 'What is'. Higher the power of the drug(level of reality obliteration), the better.
A certain threshold of aversion from 'What is' is required to even consider trying drugs, because drugs radically change 'What is'.

Drugs progressively affect your different bodies:
1. Physical body
2. Energy body
3. Mental body
4. Belief body

We are aversed or attached to 'What is' happening in each of these 4 levels. If you wished a completely new universe at all levels, then smoke DMT, consume high doses of psychedelics (close to 100% change of 'What is'). If you want to only minimally change the physical and energy body then take caffeine, alcohol etc.

About drugs -2:
With drugs, they create a desire to seek/recreate/explore that experience. And this is like a desire like any other - do what it takes to obtain that plane of experience. Then as tolerance builds, one would try harder and harder to get back there. Its like giving you the most wonderful thing and then slowly taking it away far away from you.

Fundamental duality:
Movement for/against 'What is':

In Consciousness, this is the most fundamental duality - For 'What is', 'Against 'What is'.
Everything can be fundamentally put in these 2 categories.

Even emotions can be classified according to movement for or against 'What is':
Movement for 'What is' = All attachment emotions = Joy, love, beauty, wonder, power, satisfaction, union, pleasure, happiness
Movement against 'What is' = All aversion emotions = Desire, Ambition, Greed, Hatred, Pain, Motivation, Drive, Curiosity

It might be surprising that I clubbed even emotions like Desire, Ambition, motivation, drive, curiosity into 'Aversion' emotions. But however, this proves that what we call 'Aversion' is not all bad at all. In fact its an integral part of the machine of life. Aversion, attachment are like forward and backward movements in a salsa dance say, that is how innocuous/harmless they are.

'What is' = Movement of the Impersonal OR God's will.

'Aversion to What is' = Personal Desire = Potential energy for seeking change of 'What is'
'Attachment to What is' = Personal Pleasure = Potential energy for continuity of 'What is'
The above 2 potential energies is what creates 'Personal life'.

The Personal life is a wave that rides over the Impersonal wave.
When the Personal wave merges into the Impersonal wave - it is the effortless ultimate satisfaction, like a deep sleep experience.
However, in this ultimate satisfaction, you will disappear(personal death). Because 'You' by nature are fundamentally a movement against 'What is'. 'Personal You' is 'That'.

Great change implies great desire to change what is i.e. Aversion to what is:
Great change by definition would imply great aversion to 'What is'. So if you are experiencing 'Great aversion' to 'What is', you are also experiencing the potential energy of 'Great change'. It is the same thing. All the people we venerate and celebrate in the world, the great changers, have had a great aversion to 'What is', and this is what gave them energy in their fields.

The Enlightened as an extreme aversion to 'What is':
Only when utterly nothing is satisfying to you anymore, do you seek the transcendent (which is what leads to the death of the personal). We call them the greatest achievers, but they are the ones who had such overwhelming aversion to 'What is', that this potential energy caused them to seek and embrace the transcendental, we call them the 'Enlightened', the ultimate achievement.

Why would you seek spiritual dimensions, if you job and family satisfied you enough? Where is the potential energy to propel that kind of a search? That potential energy is the energy of 'Aversion', movement against 'What is.

Life is by definition, a movement against 'What is':
This aversion creates potential energy, or desire to change. When the desire to change is so strong, that you realize that NONE of the systems in the world, culture, social interactions, various social games, relationships, sex etc. cannot give you what you want, that is when you go for the mystical stuff - the stuff that promises to radically change, anything that promises radical change starts interesting you. Be it, meditation, shamanic trances, drugs, self inquiry, truth seeking, psychedelics etc.

Now a person with a attachment of 30% to 'What is' and an aversion of 70% to what is, will be ready to try hard drugs.
But a person with attachment 70% and an aversion of 30%, will maybe try only minimal altering drugs, like coffee etc.

Great change i.e. great potential for change, is experienced as, great aversion to 'What is'. Aversion to 'What is' is 'Desire'. Personal life is fundamentally 'desire', and desire is movement against 'What is'. Your life, is basically your movement against 'What is'('God's will).  Ending of personal desire (which is death of personal life), is ceasing all movement against 'What is' is 'Personal Death', is the 'Ultimate satisfaction', is you living and in union with God's will (since your personal will which is like a wave over God's will has ceased, and therefore there is only the effortless reality).
Aversion is the potential for change.
Attachment is the potential for continuity.
When gigantic changes have to be done, there is great aversion to 'what is'.
When there is great attachment to something, we do everything to ensure the continuity of that thing.

Pleasure = Attachment = movement for 'What is'
Pain = Hatred = Aversion = movement against/away from 'What is'
Movement 'For' what is, creates

When all movement away from 'What is' ceases - that is ultimate satisfaction. You then die into the ocean of God's will, the union, because your movement of separation from it has ceased.

'You' are the movement against 'What is'. When that is gone, you are gone. The price for ultimate satisfaction is 'You', because, you are fundamentally a movement against 'What is'.

This is what part of meditative sadhana and Yoga aims to accomplish. Their aim is to cease movement away from 'What is' and just BE that. In fact Yoga means exactly that, 'Union'.

Are even emotions like curiosity, exploration desire, inquisitiveness, ambition, drive, motivation, goals etc. essentially aversion(movement away from) to 'what is'?
Is life itself both 1. pleasure/attachment(movement for) and 2. aversion/resistance(movement against/away from) to 'What is'? When I see aversion in this light, it occurs to me, its not negative at all, but simply a charged potential energy for change.

Does it mean the person with the most aversion to 'What is' experiences the most personal life(which is inherently a movement away from 'What is')?

Completely dissolving into 'What is' is personal experience death.
Attachment to 'What is' is pleasure. It is the potential for continuity and continuation.

Now you may say, we are attached to things that give us pain too. But that is just colloquial. Actually that attachment is a pleasure of sorts if you look deeply.
Even pain, fear, contraction are seductive.

Attachment emotions would be everything that give energy to the quality of 'continuity'. At the pinnacle of attachment emotions would the most pleasurable experiences - like extreme love, which everyone wants to stay forever (therefore continuity).

The 'desire' (potential energy feeling) to change 'what is' (God's movement) is personal life.
Its like a smaller wave riding on a bigger wave.

In terms of orienting your life:

What you REALLY REALLY feel, your deepest desire like doing is God's will. In fact it could be said the greatest desire of all humans is to be one with God.

All the other stuff you do, for which you do not have that level motivation/desire in you is not God's will, but consumes from a limited reserve of personal will. Ultimately you know, from which place you are acting from, God's will or from your concepts.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Contemplation on what is the Absolute Truth

I'll start with what I mean by truth. 
The Definition (I'm starting with): 'That' which is unchanging.

In my experience:
In consciousness, there is no 'nothing' at all, in fact there is never 'nothing'. There is always a 'something'. But all of this 'something' is changing. Which means all of the 'something', has no essence. All of the 'something' is insubstantial and therefore not really true. In other words, the only absolute truth is "Nothing is true". The very fact that I goto sleep in the night and everything disappears implies none of what disappeared is real. Since everything disappeared, then what follows is that 'Nothing is un-changingly real'.
But then, most people in the world believe that some somethings are true and somethings are not. Does it mean, to get enlightened, they have to do self inquiry/contemplation/sadhana to reach this state of <Knowing with absolute certainty that 'Nothing is true'>?That means even to say 'Nothing is true' cannot be absolutely true, if we can get a person to change from experiencing 'Something is true' to 'Nothing is true'. That is like changing from a state A to state B, which means state B cannot be the ultimate truth. The absolute truth has to be unchanging, and must be unchangingly true.

Lets say state A = delusion, state B = real truth.
Then what is the ultimate truth, that encompasses both these states?
The confusing part about delusion is that, a delusion is real only until it is known to be, like a dream is real until it lasts. Once you know, that say, something is a delusion, then in a sense, you aren't even deluded anymore. A truly deluded person does not even know he is deluded, such a knowledge would imply he is not deluded.

If reality is a dream, and all dreams are real while they happen, and if each dream is infinite and there are infinite such dreams happening, in infinite such creatures (as imagined in my infinite dream in infinite ways in time), in infinite dimensions (known and unknown, infinite gross to subtle spectrums), THEN there are infinite realities, and we are stepping from one infinite to another infinite and we have never left the infinite as along.

Is enlightenment the theme of the dream of a person whose dream is about attaining absolute freedom from everything and absolute knowledge(experiential) of the nature of existence (not 'his' existence, because it is impersonal)? Could it be said, that the entire human life is a game and is ultimately leading to everyone getting enlightened? And there are people at various levels? Is enlightenment the ultimate desire of all people?
None of the above seem absolutely true. They all are models/thoughts/beliefs again. 

This means the only thing I can say about the absolute truth is that:
Absolute truth is the UNKNOWN, THE MYSTERY. It therefore cannot be known or understood, but only be lived. It is living in the UNKNOWN / MYSTERY. It is, dying to the NOW.

Qualities of a diamond mapped to experience

The ideal +ve experience is where the mind is like an infinitely large diamond that is clear, does not hold anything but yet, reflects/refr...