Saturday, August 23, 2014

Let all potentials express themselves as they are

Each experience is a kind of potential, if this potential is not released, then it waits for a chance to come out and comes out in bursts whenever a window of opportunity is available.

All experience potentials must be released. 
Like my potential for depression, feeling low, disgust, leaving people, apathy, hurt, torpor, feeling attacked, rebellion, feeling victimized, disillusionment, be passive are some of the -ve potentials. 

Also my +ve potentials - to contemplate, to be affectionate, to serve, to cherish, to reminisce, for understanding, abstract thought and so forth. 

All of these are potentials for experience. Even the arising of these potentials and their discharge have to be fully allowed to make way for new potentials. Unexpressed potentials are a kind of accumulation. 

The question I have is, am I supposed to deplete it by allowing myself to feel it for a long time, or will that further solidify that? Both seem to be contradictorily true. Are we born with these potentials for experience  OR are they cultivated? OR cultivated over an existing accumulation of potential?

Transcending duality concepts - weight, effort, perfection, beauty, awareness, spectrums

Concept of weight:
- What is the concept of weight? When weight itself is fully observed wouldn't weight become just an appearance of a sensation on the screen of consciousness?
- Is the aim of freedom to get out of all weight? Now weight exists at many levels. There is the weight imposed by the 'waking reality' with the appearance of gravity. In other words, weight is a restriction on freedom. Weight is annoying only when you want to move against it. Otherwise with 0 resistance, weight is a just a kind of lingering sensation.
- Another question would be, what do you carry with you from moment to moment? What kinds of thoughts, patterns, tendencies, potentials, habits, routines, modes/paradigms of perception? The weight of caring. The weight of caring about expectations. The weight of attachment. The weight of habit/routine. This is weight in the subtler level. There is the perception of the 'weight concept' at all levels.
- What part of weight do I have control over and what do I not have control over? Can there be a transcendent perception of no weight, which we all strive for i.e. liberation? Where even the sensation of weight floats in weightlessness?
 Weightless weight or the weight of weightlessness will both become appearances on the transcendent screen.

Concept of effort:
The concept of effort is another interesting one. Does effort really exist? From a particular perspective it does not exist at all. Everything is an effortless modulation of consciousness of the divine particles which is actually ecstasy unfolding. From this perspective, even the appearance of effort is effortless and part of the expression of this divine ecstasy.

From a transcendent plane, everything is in ecstasy and effortless. Even the appearance of effort is part of the ecstasy. 

Effortless effort and effortful effortlessness will both become appearances on the transcendent screen.

Concept of perfection and beauty:

Perfection and beauty kind of go together. Now one may argue, you can find beauty in something imperfect, maybe its imperfection is the beauty. But then, isn't that imperfection perfect? OR the thing is perfectly imperfect? Its similar to the other concepts such as presence. There is only presence and absence too is a kind of presence. We could say the same about perfection too, Imperfection also is a kind of perfection.

Isn't perfection a created concept too? What is perfect? Something being as it is in its full glory? What if everything is left to be as it is, wouldn't that be experiencing perfection? Isn't beauty also the same kind of thing? Seeing with total clarity and allowing everything to be exactly as it is. Like your anger is perfect as it is, if you allow it to be exactly as it is. The same with all negative emotions or positive emotions.

The other conventional idea is that we uphold a particular ideal as perfection, a set of principles. Like the golden ratio, certain aesthetically pleasing proportions, symmetry and so on.  Even in this case, they are beliefs/certain ideas/symbolisms that create the direct experience of beauty/perfection. But isn't this belief itself and all the experiences it creates beautiful and perfect?

At any situation, if we profoundly let everything be exactly as it is, we would experience beauty and perfection.

Imperfect Perfection and Perfect Imperfection would both become appearances on the transcendent screen. The same with Ugly beauty and beautiful ugliness.

Concept of awareness/consciousness/perception:
The question I raise here is, is it possible to not be aware/conscious/perceive? Lets say its possible. Then we would have their opposites - unawareness/unconsciousness/non perception. But even to know that you are unaware, unconscious, something in you needs to be aware/conscious of that. So it is impossible to not be aware/conscious. So logically awareness/consciousness is eternal.

Both conscious unconsciousness and unconscious consciousness will become appearances on the transcendent screen.

Concept of Spectrums:
Let say a spectrum runs from negative infinity to positive infinity.
This could be any duality - Lets say light/dark, heaven/hell.
 Now suppose there are infinite such spectrums for each of the qualities we have in existence.
until  ∞

Now again there is a transcendent ∞ that encompasses all of the above. The final ∞. The infinity of all infinities. The class of all classes.

Every moment in life is an opportunity to transcend. Life gives you infinite opportunities/chances.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stressing the mind by giving it the role of the helm of existence

I cannot use my mind even at its highest capacity to really optimize the entire of existence. Mind is a part of existence and plays its role, but it cannot do everything. The mind is an appearance like any other and therefore cannot be put at the helm of the ship. The question is not of balance, but of transcendence. I have to transcend the mind and understand its true nature. Giving the burden of controlling, managing everything is a contraction of consciousness again which is painful. The spectrum runs all the way from - Spasm………………|……Flexible………|………………..Total Relaxation. Like a string of a guitar. Its the music thats important and not the string's specific tautness. So all appearances serve as ingredients to the music which is experience. If any one appearance is fully believed to be true and the sole controller then it is like persisting in playing a particular tune in piano even when the other instruments like drums, bass, strings in the orchestra are having a different beat and rhythm. Sometimes all the instruments may sync with the particular tune you are playing in the piano but at all other times, it will be a struggle and disharmonious. What is needed is an ultimate optimization function of all appearances in every moment of experience so that every moment is a beautiful music. The number of harmonies possible are infinite just like the number of disharmonies possible are infinite. It like moving to a happier infinity from a struggle oriented infinity. This optimization will obviously happen once everything has been transcended. Transcendence is seeing the ultimate vision and purpose of everything. Once that is seen, everything now serves this truth. The only thing needed is realization of the absolute truth.

All decisions and actions are purely in the service of this apprehended wholeness. They happen automatically in harmony to whatever level your vision operates from. The only thing needed is the permeation of awareness into all contents of consciousness and transcendence. The harmonization happens automatically because it is only the illusions that are preventing this harmonization from naturally happening. Harmony, Beauty, Bliss, Celebration, Ecstasy is the basic nature once all illusions are seen through.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thoughts - Aug 18 2014

Even that you call yourself individual and separate the inside form the outside, me vs. the other, is a feat. done by your perception/imagination/a division of the same unitary consciousness. The perspective here is transcendent. It is not that 'You' do not have control over external circumstances. You are identifying yourself as the body and certain patterns of thinking and emotion you call 'annie' or yourself. Everything outside of that, you call the outside/external. If you instead identify yourself with all of consciousness, it is like stripping away all the layers to reach the unitary reality. In this reality, everything is only an appearance/movie in the screen of consciousness. What you call external factors is also a part of the appearance/movie. There is the appearance of the quality of 'no control' in your consciousness for certain aspects and there is the appearance of 'control' for certain others. For example: You cannot control the color of the sky, but you can always close your eyes, shift your attention to another object and poof the sky has disappeared from your consciousness screen. Does any object exist? when you do not think about it? In a way, reality is 'Attention'. What you put your attention on is your reality. For example, try this out, close your eyes and imagine a vast grass field in your mind. Do this for 5 secs. Everything that disappeared in those 5 seconds did not exist at that time. For eg: Your mom, dad, brother, sister, relatives, california state, the fact that you are american, that you are in the US, nothing existed in those 5 seconds. So even the fact that you happen to think of yourself as '<your name>' who is inside a body is an appearance. Does the body exist? Not actually. Because, you can lay motionless and dream about something, during those moments the body did not exist. So what you put your attention on controls your reality. So all power in life is basically power of attention. The infinite reality is collapsed to a more predictable and mundane existence because our attention gets trapped into various habits. Afterwards habits gain a momentum/gravity of their own and it becomes difficult to be free of them. Now there is also the factor of beliefs. Why we believe is a metaphysical or mystical question. Our beliefs is what drives the movie of reality. If you did not believe in anything, it would not be possible to even experience anything. Knowledge/belief creates experience, experience then fortifies the knowledge and so on. It is like an infinite thought sandwich with no beginning or end. ......Knowledge - Experience - Knowledge - Experience -Knowledge - Experience......As you dissect the layers of reality, you will identify with greater and greater abstractness...and at the highest abstraction, you will apprehend the uniting substance of everything which is bare consciousness.
There is nothing you do not know. Even that you think/believe/experience that you dont' know something implies you know what that something is. If I say the statement 'I dont know something', how can I even make this statement without a vague idea of what this something is? It maybe a direction, subtle thought, abstract imagination, strange concept etc.
Even this concept of creation can be questioned when you say you find it hard to perceive that the unknown is created by us. Is the creator separate from the created? Is there really a separation? What if everything in your consciousness is happening by itself and of itself? without a creator really? (Like this notion of creator comes from a mechanistic model of the universe where the potter shapes the clay and moulds it, it comes from christianity and is quite short-sighted). You are all of consciousness and the appearance of the unknown is a modulation of this consciousness substance, there is nobody/no thing/or god who has created this. That is what they mean when the mystics say 'My true nature is the unknown, the mystery, the boundless, the undefined, the ultimate,infinity. The closest analogy I can give is everything comes from the infinite vaccuum of emptiness and returns to this vaccuum. Its as if the world is falling upwards from this infinite vaccum. Certain possibilities of the infinite vaccuum fall upwards into existence as manifestation. Maybe we visit this infinite vaccuum everyday in our sleep and that is the potential energy for all manifestation possibilities.
Even this dream that you have that a higher perspective than what you have now is possible is an appearance in the present moment. Meaning all moments in consciousness are already complete and whole. Technically, if all moments are complete, whole and divine, then there is nowhere to go, nothing to attain, nothing to strive for. This is a celebration of completeness moving from completeness to completeness or Emptiness to emptiness. Completeness and Emptiness are actually inseparably related. What is present everywhere is Nothing, because Nothing is everywhere.
You bring things into existence by moving your attention. When you look and apprehend the pencil, there it is. If you look at the sky, there it is. If you focus on your hand, there it is and so forth. You create experiences using your attention. Even the distinction of consciousness and unconsciousness is a distinction you are making between what you think you know and what you think you do not know. Ultimately you even know what you think you do not know. Because there is some imagination in your head about the unknown object. By very definition it is impossible to even make a statement about the unknown because the unknown is not even in your consciousness. You would not even know that you dont know in that case.
Yea, infact at an absolute level, no experience can be communicated through words. This applies to all of direct experience. In a way, you are truly alone (but thats the glorious part too :P)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Duality Spectrums

Starting energy: Low---------High  
Level of interest in a thing: Disinterest --------Interest  
Harmonizing function of consciousness: High (like arabesque patterns,beauty)--------Low(Chaos, cacophony)
Schizophrenia --------- Single rigid reality 
Isolation------------Entirely social 
Unwillingness to participate ----------Willingness to participate 
No commitment ---------- High commitment  
Capacity to think of other people's problems/empathy. Low -----------High  
Capacity to take responsibility for external world. Low ------------High  
Capacity for getting absorbed in external Low ----------High  
Capacity for getting absorbed in internal  Low -----------High  
With a Thing: Highest identification-------<spectrum>--------Lowest Identification  
Do what you don't want to do---------<spectrum>--------Doing exactly what you want to do.   
Lowest----- (Willingness to participate)----------Highest
Lowest------(Interest in the world/other people)------Highest
Lowest------(Responsibility for experience)-------Highest
Lowest------(Capacity to engage/get motivated)--------Highest

Transcending Contradictions

We want only what we are deprived of. Like if you eat mangoes everyday - you want an apple. If you eat apples everyday, you want a mango. The same with culture, if you are in one culture then you dream to move to another. If all the cultures you know are similar, then you dream to escape into a culture that is opposite of all that you have experienced. Simultaneously there is also the need for security, belonging, sex and so on. So there are a bunch of crazy contradictions that are paralyzing when it comes to decision making. How is one to make a decision in the face of so many overwhelming contradictions? The goals of the higher chakras contradict with the lower ones causing compromises for one or the other. That explains the decision paralysis because I can see that there is no way I can win, so where do I move to win if I see dead ends everywhere. Nothing, just sit, observe and digest the state of mind.  How do I handle the face of - there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, no way to absolutely win? It is this understanding that liberates.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

From Human Being to Consciousness

I only need to study the limitations of consciousness.That is the real nature of everything.That is the highest possible frame.Consciousness is the highest abstract truth.Everything else is an imagined subset.I do not need to bother about the limitations of mind, limitations of culture, limitations of the body, limitations of the external world, limitations of other people, limitations of social structures, limitations of prevailing social patterns/social dynamics/organizations, limitations of physical laws(like all of newtons laws or even quantum science)…….Nothing.

All those entities are imagined frames/concepts/super concepts but they are still only potentials of consciousness. Does the world exist in your consciousness OR does consciousness exist in the world? On deeper observation isn't is obvious that the former is true?

What is my real potential/capability/power? This question should be put to consciousness. The question should be what are the limitations/powers of consciousness (which is me)? The true identity is consciousness and not a human being in a body.

Because I am consciousness, not a human being, not a mind, not a body, not a person, not a living thing and so forth. Those are all inside my consciousness (and nothing else exists, other people's imagined consciousness is also part of my imagination/consciousness). Even saying 'my' implies a personal nature, which is incorrect. Consciousness is impersonal and exists singularly. Consciousness is the substratum for everything. It is singular, ONE. Multiplicity exists as a potential of consciousness. Consciousness is the container of all containers, the class of all classes, the final frontier, the ultimate frame for understanding existence.

Settling for any other frame even slightly less than consciousness is selling yourself short. Even religious beliefs, some of them maybe higher up in the ladder, but still not really reaching the highest frame. Why settle for anything less? apart from the unspeakable direct experience (speech/verbal thought is only a potential of consciousness after all). The noumenon, prajna, witness, non-dual awareness, Observer (note the capital 'O' since it observes even the smaller observers) are some of the words that come to mind.

WhatEVER you think it is, it is not that because then you have reduced its infinite nature to some kind of frame/thought/concept/paradigm/meta-paradigm and so forth. You have narrowed its potential in your attempt to describe it in language which is itself limited again. It is not definable by language at all. Its like trying to describe your computer screen by the wallpaper on your desktop. That is only one of the potentials of your computer screen.

Qualities of a diamond mapped to experience

The ideal +ve experience is where the mind is like an infinitely large diamond that is clear, does not hold anything but yet, reflects/refr...