Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baseline mood enhancers

- Cool air (6 - 12 deg C)
- Fresh air
- Humidifier and dust filter for dust/pollen free environment
- Medium strength - Intermittent or Continuous breeze (in a beach, building terrace, traveling in a vehicle next to window)
- Physical comfort with strong and balanced posture (not lying down or slouching)
- Attractive visual setting with emotionally pleasing items and arrangements OR pleasing scenery (like sightseeing, natural beauty or novel environments)
- Comfortable soft fur/feather jacket that fits well
- Clear lungs - steaming + neti pot
- Cold water dip or shower - around 25 deg C or even colder
- Smooth unobtrusive effortless breathing
- Yoga and breathing exercises (eg: Pranayama)
- Meditation on pleasant sensations
- Hearing favorite music through excellent headphones or earphones
- Interesting stimulating social setting - friends/family/significant
- Intellectually stimulating conversation or reading material

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mental pleasures

Learning, Exploration, Mastery, Teaching, Creating, Intensity, Concentration, Focus, Fulfillment, Satisfaction, Freedom, Accomplishment, Success, Understanding, Integration, Connection, Truth, Beauty, Love, Knowing, Control

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Random thoughts - 3 Dec

My energy levels are somehow much higher when I am engaged in some social activity like group meetings, informal meetings etc vs me staying at home. Today I spend 6 hrs outside the house with no lunch (just cereal inbetween) on a design group meeting where we had to go to the university and a friend's house for filming a video. Somehow after getting home, it feels so good to put on the music I hear everyday. The same thing used to happen when I used to get back from office and play the same music.
Why does the music sounding so much better and fulfilling after some intensive social activity/environment(work, outings, meetings etc.)?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thinking/Learning styles

Learning styles:
Visual - lectures
Auditory - diagramming
Kinesthenic - learn by doing

Thinking styles:
Linear - Mathematics, accounting
Global - Literature, Philosophy

Plan to add on this list.

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