Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Theorem about the nature of objects

If an object can transform itself or change 100%, then the nature of the object is infinite potential and mystical.

E.g.: Say there is a screen in front of you, whenever you looked at it, it was blue. Now suddenly the screen completely turns red, without even a single trace of blue. What would you conclude about the nature of the screen?

Shallow Answer: The nature of the screen is both red and blue
Deep Answer: The nature of the screen is red, blue, both, neither and infinite. (This is the nature of object across all of time, i.e. encompassing the time dimension)

Explanation: This is because if an object can transform, change (delta) itself by 100%, that means it is essentially 100% unpredictable. It could well perform another 100% change and completely transform itself into something unknown. Nothing can be said about the nature of the object.  It is undefined, mysterious and by definition infinite potential (infinite trans-formative power).

Similarly, if 100% of the contents of your consciousness change (including the notion of consciousness itself, whatever that word represents), then the conclusion would be that YOU are mystical, undefined, and infinite potential itself.

So if you want to prove to yourself that you are infinite unborn potential, keep observing your experience until you can see 100% of the contents of your consciousness changing.

Another way to put it would be, if you are A and change completely to B later, then this proves that your essential nature is neither A nor B but it can be A or B (it contains the ability/potential to be A or B).

Altered states enlighten you by 'subtraction'

The more the number of altered states you experience, the more likely are you to understand your true essence. Each time you have an altered state that's deep enough, it gives you a fantastic break from your daily life, worries, fears etc. Another way to put it would be, it alters your otherwise fairly persistent causal, subtle and gross bodies. So altered states are literally a true vacation.

Now to prove something isn't absolutely true, it needs to change completely. For example if a screen showed only blue color all the time, you would think the screen is blue in essence. But now if the screen changes to red without even a trace of blue, what would you conclude about the nature of the screen? You would conclude that the screen is neither blue nor red and its nature is something other than blue or red. Now imagine this screen starts flashing 1000's of colors each totally distinct from the other. What would you now conclude about the nature of the screen? That it is beyond all the colors that were seen, right?

Something similar applies to altered states. For example if you experience the world as filled with dead inanimate objects, and in your entire life everyone you met validated this model, and if you have never seen the world as anything other than this model, then you would believe that its the truth or fact. But if you have experience a range of altered states, by subtraction, you know that none of them are absolutely true.

The same holds true for your identity too. Seeing all the sides of yourself is like seeing completely different colors on the same screen. What does this speak about the nature of the screen or your identity? Wouldn't it indicate that your essence is beyond all that was perceived?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

There is only 'Aliveness' forever

Everything is alive. If I remove all objects and division from my awareness, all I see is aliveness/vibration. There is only seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, and the mind. My seeing space is constantly in vibration even if I just stare at one point. I am continuously sensing sound vibrations through my ear. Every breath I take, there is a different smell. The smell perceived in each breath is unique and continuously changing. The same holds true for internal and external sensations on/in my body. My thought/emotional space too is continuously in motion. In all of these sense spaces, there is continuous change, movement, vibration. Even all of these senses can be collapsed into the gestalt called 'Experience'. This experience is vibrating with aliveness by itself and you are all of it. There is no stable, persistent object thing in this entire experience spectrum. You are just the infinite potential formless dimensionless entity in which all dimensions arise including time, space, all objects and perceptions.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

What's the best you can ever feel?

Imagine sitting on your chair comfortably. Notice that the objects in your visual field make no difference. Even if I replace the visual field with scenery from Hawaii, it would not change your mood much. If this is difficult to imagine, imagine there is a room where the whole room is a screen including the floor and ceiling. Suppose you are in the middle of this screen room, sitting in a chair. No matter what image the screen shows - a simple room, Hawaii, grand canyon etc. your basic mood would hardly change. Similarly all sound, music that you hear does not change your basic mood much. Sound and vision affect you only when you project emotions to the visual, auditory objects apprehended. So withdraw your attention and projection away from sounds and vision. Imagine your visual field gets completely black and there is absolute silence. What remains? The feeling. The other factors like vision or sound are almost irrelevant compared to feeling. Feeling/Sensation. When you FEEL good, even your thoughts will be different, your motivations everything. I got the first brush with this concept in a vipassana meditation retreat. Feeling sets the baseline for how everything else will affect you - vision, thoughts, sound etc.

So in our 5 senses - seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touch - Everything can be collapsed into touch or feeling. What you see touches your experience. Similarly what you hear touches you. Smell and taste are even closer to touch/feeling. It seems like all our thoughts are directed to get us to feel in a certain way. Are all our goals, motivations ultimately targeted towards achieving a certain feeling?

This explains why drugs like cocaine, meth, heroin make people lose interest in everything else. Its because what they were seeking all along was the feeling and when that is directly given to them, they lose interest in all the convoluted ways we use in society to attain those feelings. It creates a disillusionment and removes the interest and belief to participate in usual activities. Because these drugs give such high amounts of pleasure, its impossible to get even 1/10th of that no matter how hard you try in common life. So what's the point? would be the first question that would pop up. But however the drugs are temporary in their effect and also exhibit diminishing returns. But the craving for that experience keeps going up proportionally the farther you get away from the high state. So after a while you are stuck with a massive desire for that high, but the drug no longer gives you that. This takes you to depression - "Depression - getting what you want seems impossible or extremely difficult, much beyond your current state of mind or motivation'. A similar state could be very easily reached even in daily life. If your desires are too out of line with what is possible from where you stand, you would burn yourself out and then get depressed.

If I cut through all the illusions, I see all our activity is directed towards balancing certain feelings. If we have been unhappy for long, we seek something that would take us to the opposite side, thereby cancelling out the unhappy feelings. Seeking is the movement towards balancing dualities. Enlightenment would probably be seeing these master rules or patterns itself from a dimension beyond duality.

Now comes the interesting question. Taking all of the above points into consideration, what's the best feeling you could possibly have? If its all about balancing dualities, what is desired is not a attainment of a certain feeling, but freedom/transcendence/higher understanding. If you get too deep into a pit, all you desire is to get out of it. However if you are already on the surface, then you long for an adventure.

Drug highs are unsustainable because of the body's tendency towards homeostasis. But what if we alter the homeostatic set-point itself? This is what is aimed for in wire-head-ism. The idea is that we can alter the brain's set-point to a higher level of bliss. Maybe when we plug into it for the first time, there would be a fantastic jump of well being. But once we get used to that, it would once again become ordinary/normal and we would want to move again. It seems like the ideal life consists of continuous rapid free movement which is coherent, controllable and in harmony, which is what we term ecstasy.

So complete freedom in the experience space and transcendence from it what is truly desired. The separate self dreams of its total fulfillment and disappearance thereby (the separate self cannot be completed since it is the very lack seeking to complete itself, when completed, it vanishes).

So the next question is, where do you want to be in this experience space? The answer would be the opposite of your initial conditions of lack. You want to be in a place that fully completes, fulfills you. When this happen, you would not exist. It can be said, you long to experience the objects that would cause you (separate self - lack) to disappear. When it disappears, we create a new self and once again seek to complete it.

Now, that makes me wonder, are all starting conditions equivalent? Are everyone's lives equivalent? Because ultimately its a play of yin-yang and there are infinite elements in experience to play this game. It seems like the elements could be different but the essential principle of this game (what we call life, duality) is the same. Could this also mean that the potential for each person to live in ultimate glory, effortlessness and completeness the same?

Does time really matter, when time itself is part of experience? Time, free-will etc. intermittently appear and disappear. They are not as enduring, solid and essential as we believe them to be. Everything is just happening just by itself and I am simply a formless, timeless, space-less, dimensionless witness.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Excerpt from a lecture on nature of perception

From a Rupert Spira Lecture: The Nature of perception

"That which is never ceases to be. That which is not never comes into existence. Nothing stands out from infinite awareness. No finite object, no finite self ever comes into existence. Knowing and being only itself, never becomes another object, self or world. Matter, mind and consciousness are not 3 separate things, they are 3 ways of seeing one reality. Our experience appears in accordance with the belief we have. If we think we are the body, everything will appear that way. If we think we are the mind, we will become idealists. If we know ourselves to be unlimited everpresent awareness, then experience will appear in that understanding. Multiplicity, diversity, separation will no longer be seen as real. Apparent duality between inside self and outside will collapse.The experience of beauty (or love which is identical in feeling terms, beauty is for perception) is itself the collapse of the inside self and other, outside objects. There is no subject, object in our experience. Rupa - means both form and beauty. The experience of beauty is the essential nature of all perception just like love is the essential nature of all feelings. Truth is beauty, beauty is truth. All experience will shine with the light of pure knowing."

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thoughts - 6 Oct 2013

Any kind of thought - feeling, image, motion combo I can generate now in thought space is based on my current state. I cannot believe any of that is really solid, substantial, essential because everything can change with a change in state. Its as if I am painting various pictures (thoughts right now) but the very color palette used is moving through various combinations of colors (my mood, or general state of mind).

It seems like there is nobody really solid or substantial existing. Its just a whole dance of interconnected movements happening by a universal force of which I am a witness. The only thing real is this witness which being empty by itself witnesses infinite variety. Environment triggers desire, desire triggers new environment etc. and so forth. Its like a continuously forward moving fractal (forward word itself is meaningless because its part of the fractal itself) where I have moments of free will or choice manifesting. Even manifestations like the identity, free will etc. are objects themselves to the subject, the observer.

Culture/Religion/Science is all games and not absolute in any sense. They all are part of the thought stream or the fractal. This is the de-conditioning that needs a much wider knowledge spectrum, exploration of thoughts and a general movement towards the higher unchanging dimensions. I am essentially moving towards the center of the black hole (metaphor for its gravitational pull towards the center, the infinite point of density) of experience where everything converges into a point and is finally transcended. A thing completely observed, is the same as transcendence of the thing. What's interesting is that, whatever your focus point, that is the center of the universe at that point. Its exactly akin to your visual field where the center point, i.e. the fovea centralis is what you are looking at in that movement and that is the center of your visual field in that movement.

I can extend this analogy and say, its like sitting inside a train and sitting in a window position where you feel it moving backwards. You eye's focus can be put anywhere in the continuously changing picture appearing in the window and that becomes your center of everything in that moment. Now even in this analogy, you may think there is still one solid entity, the observer himself with memory. This also gets mind-boggling. There is no observer apart from the observed and everything observed is changing. So in a way you are nothing and everything simultaneously and neither of the two. There is no subject too, because any act to describe the subject cannot be the subject because only objects can be described. So the situations is like this, all objects are changing and there is no subject. So you in essence are beyond everything, observing from a higher dimension outside of all manifestation but containing all of manifestation.

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