Monday, April 30, 2012

Thoughts - 30Apr

I seek the highest meta-paradigm. From there all my worldly knowledge can be assembled into place. The problem with most people is that they accept a large number of assumptions without questioning and all their life's thinking is within that paradigm. Uncovering these assumptions is one of the greatest routes to freedom.

Any quantification of future value (money) or accumulation of a symbol for future benefit (money) is subject to all the uncertainties of nature - human, ecology, economy etc.

Every moment our energy keeps moving and our paradigm keeps shifting and we are always in the center. The only way to go against this is by using memory.

From knowledge acquired at the top level from deep thinking, a bedrock is created that can support all information in its paraphernelia

I am unable to hold on to any paradigm without effort no matter how much I repeatedly read or how many insights I receive.

In relation to money: What is value? Who defines it?

It is difficult to see the entire cycle - crest and trough when the wave is very long. For example: In nature a rock looks permanent, but it too has a cycle not visible during our 80-100year life span.

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