Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Musical Keyboards I've owned

1. Casio CT 636 - for 1yr - 4th Std - (1996)

2. Yamaha PSR 510 - for 1.5yrs - 5th Std - (1997)

3. Yamaha PSR 630 - for 12yrs - 6,1/2th std - (1997 to 2011)

4. Korg PA500 - for 1 year - 2012

The smell and sounds from these keyboards contain a deep element of nostalgia for me. I wonder what would give me the same sense of wonderment and excitement today. Since it was purely instrumental, the sounds directly induced a mood in me with no verbal thinking. A direct translation from music to feeling. The sounds from these instruments had incredible variety and though I've heard over 15000 songs by artists in the market, the sounds from these are still totally unique.

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