Sunday, April 3, 2011

Everything is equally significant

After intense probing on different questions, it sometimes appears to me that, if you strongly look for a particular pattern in reality, you end up finding it. And this applies to almost anything. That is why it is probably said, for psychic powers to function, belief that it is possible and that you can achieve it, is the foundation. Almost anything I examine, for example greatness, light, brightness, sound intensity, intensity of emotion or feelings, state of mind etc. all of them derive meaning from their opposite which means opposites such as evil, death, darkness, silence etc are equally significant. Every event's meaning is equally intertwined it its opposite. So you can find significance in almost everything. In absolute terms, every event is equally significant. It is just society that has created this game or dream.

Even in quantum mechanics, a lot of phenomena are related to the observer observing them. The whole physical world itself is an illusion and it is said that even our bodies are actually a condensation of our thoughts, emotions, spiritual condition. The movie "Peaceful Warrior" is an awesome movie for the purpose of insight. No moment is insignificant or every moment is a manifestation of divine intelligence.

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