Thursday, April 28, 2011

Society is a VIRTUAL reality

Each person inhabits a fundamentally different reality from the one your in. They have different definitions and imaginations about all the possible emotions and feelings you can think of. Yet for the purpose of simplification, our society tends to think, "everyone wants the same things and everyone is fairly similar". This is an extremely reductionist approach and disregards the real complexity and beauty of the individual himself. An entire belief system is created by society and this conditioning is passed on to every human that is born within society at a very early age. This is simply a VIRTUAL REALITY. You are conditioned at a young age with practically everything ranging from what you want, don't want, afraid of etc and its very easy to believe in them because they are validated by 99.5% of the people you meet. Its a conundrum very similar to the MATRIX. Its is so hard to even prove this intellectually to a person. It takes a substantial amount of reflection, thought, exploration and an intense desire to know the truth even to reach a level where you actually start asking existential questions and seek answers with intensity.

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