Thursday, May 12, 2011

Conundrum with perspectives

Your perspective = lens through which you see the world

Totally different experiences are possible with the same object, with different perspectives:
For e.g.: The object may be 1.Great 2. Terrible 3. Unimportant from 3 different perspectives with all of them being equally true.

People's Language Mime's influence us to an extent when we are around them. It happens especially when you do not have your shield on, that compulsively keeps trying to prove that your personality is the best.

It becomes quite difficult to decide "What is the more important thing among 2 activities?" because you can have very different experiences depending the perspective you choose. That is maybe we try to move with people who have the same perspectives as us so that they see our achievements as important or are able to validate our life's meaning.

Your childhood, culture, immediate society and people in your daily life can easily land lock you in patterns of beliefs/perspectives.Once you see through them, you realize there is no reason to just hold on to them for the rest of your life.

"I want to be FREE to choose whatever perspective I feel like at whatever time". That is my true dynamic instead of being landlocked into a fixed personality for the rest of my life.

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