Monday, May 2, 2011

Sacred Geometry

An extension from the Golden ratio spiral: 1:1.618(phi) which totally fascinated me, I came across this new concept - Sacred Geometry. When people report moving into higher dimensions by consumption of psychedelics, DMT etc. or a near death experience, seeing complex geometric patterns/fractals that appealed to them at an intuitive level seemed to be a common experience. So I was wondering, what do the higher dimensions have to do with geometry. Then after seeing some videos about higher dimensions, chakras etc., it occurred to me that maybe just like the golden ratio, there is an inherent geometry underlying all creation. It might be the archetype of all creation. It may also be intimately tied with art, intuitive appeal etc. These overlapping fractals may be the underlying vibration invisible to us but creating our reality. It also ties to the phenomenon of musical vibrations creating specific crystal patterns (

Sacred Geometry video sample:

1-D - oneness, unity consciousness
2-D - pi(circle), phi(spiral), 2 points creating vibration
3-D - Fibonacci sequence

Another sample:

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