Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feeling numb in the attraction department

After having stayed in the US for almost a year, there is one phenomenon that has still stuck. I am not that attracted to foreign/American girls. I kept wondering why this is so, and figured out the following reasons:
Their skin, body shape, facial features etc. are just too different from me in a fundamental way. So I just see them as they are without any "dream overlay" which is very strong for most of the Indian girls(who look similar to me). I sometimes wonder if I looked at all the Indian girls with a fantasy dimension that has stopped happening here/

I never realized that this "dream overlay", fantasy dimension made such a day and night difference. This dimension creates a nuclear attractive force and a sense of strong connection.
I miss that feeling here and I hope I get it back soon.

This may also explain why I like to keep my romantic relationships short since usually if they go for too long then the dream/novelty/significance aspects get broken and the whole thrill/experience of the romantic relationship lies in this fantasy overlay.

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