Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cycle of job meaning

- Say, I work at 'Lattice Semiconductors' and help them design their website
- This would help them get ahead in sales and revenue and put them at a better market position
- This would lead to related industries throughout the world buying more of their products.
 Industries purchasing
  • Wireless devices(DSP, Processors)
  • Wireline(Ethernet, PCI express, RAM, Sonet)
  • Video interfaces(DVI, HDMI) and Cameras
  • Security and Surveillance(Camera Dev kit)
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive(GPS, multimedia, remote LCD, marine, image/video processing) 
  • Military and Aerospace(Remote systems, multi function h/w)
- This would keep the technology world running, more of an operational way.
- I deal with audio, video, computer h/w, internet related stuff and vehicles like cars on a daily basis. So this is how my job completes the circle.

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