Thursday, January 19, 2012

If we were all naked

- People interest in sex would diminish since we always seek only what we lack
- Strip clubs would close down, we might instead have a dress club where women put on seductive clothing
- There would be a dramatic shift in identity, whos popular, whos not
- body image would be much more important
- We would freeze in winter and get burnt in summer
- Body art, plastic surgery, shaving, hair styling business etc. with soar
- People may start looking more into the minds of others as an erotic turn on
- People would exercise more
- Either one of these would happen - Drastic Increase or Decrease in Population
In first 5 years the crime rate will increase and unwanted pregnancy will reach more than 300%. In the succeeding years the people would stop having sex with partners or with the opposite sex...they will get sick seeing naked people in public or in conventions..."lose of appetite"

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