Sunday, March 4, 2012

Natural highs

Fasting - kind of like opiates
Sleep deprivation
Intense exercise
Sex (or Sex on Marijuana)
Tantric sex exercises
Prolonged sex without orgasm can lead to a state called eroto-comatose lucidity
Dancing in club - Drunk type feeling
Rhythmic breathing
Lucid Dreaming
Floatation tank
Prolonged singing and chanting - A consensus high, a certainty high
Buzz when writing something creative
Make someone I care about feel good after being down
Giving and Receiving pain from specific people of opp sex (for some people)
Expressing emotions, laughing, crying anger
Risking life - Adrenaline rush
Continually staring at a point - Tratak - Opiates
Reading and Exploring profound truth
Sub-space - BDSM
Qigong - 9 breath method

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