Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Corporate game - Top dogs

We are like stray dogs (unemployed). Some dogs manage to impress their owners (people owning corporations) with their styles (communication skills) and tricks (skills) and as a result get into their mansions (corporations) where they are tied to a spot with a kennel(cubicle), given food, water(money), taken care of medically(insurance) and taken for evening walks (after office hours). The dog van comes and clears the stray dogs in 4 months, so stray dogs have to entice themselves to an owner. If they stay unattractive to owners then they are going to be taken away to another place (india) where the same trend exists more fiercely. Most dogs therefore dream about getting an owner (job). Some owners are more picky, have bigger mansions (multinational - microsoft, big 4 etc.), bigger kennels (cubicles) and a small play area for the dog (other facilities). Most dogs dream of getting into these bigger places.

The owners own multiple dogs (many employees) and even after getting in these dogs have to ensure that they entertain their owners. If they dont, the owner would discard them in favor of other stray dogs trying to get in. The security (job security) of dogs even within the mansion is not complete. They are just better off than the dogs outside (unemployed pushing their way). The top entertainer dogs(CEO and executives) get better food (money) and kennels (house). So even within the mansion the dogs compete with each other to be the top entertainer. These top dogs have to ensure that they stay ahead of all the other dogs in that place and at the same time impress their owners, so its a tricky job. The owners recognize this and give this dog better perks (money, power).

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