Saturday, August 23, 2014

Let all potentials express themselves as they are

Each experience is a kind of potential, if this potential is not released, then it waits for a chance to come out and comes out in bursts whenever a window of opportunity is available.

All experience potentials must be released. 
Like my potential for depression, feeling low, disgust, leaving people, apathy, hurt, torpor, feeling attacked, rebellion, feeling victimized, disillusionment, be passive are some of the -ve potentials. 

Also my +ve potentials - to contemplate, to be affectionate, to serve, to cherish, to reminisce, for understanding, abstract thought and so forth. 

All of these are potentials for experience. Even the arising of these potentials and their discharge have to be fully allowed to make way for new potentials. Unexpressed potentials are a kind of accumulation. 

The question I have is, am I supposed to deplete it by allowing myself to feel it for a long time, or will that further solidify that? Both seem to be contradictorily true. Are we born with these potentials for experience  OR are they cultivated? OR cultivated over an existing accumulation of potential?

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