Monday, September 22, 2014

Focus, Defocus - Laser, Floodlight - Projections, Awareness

The light of your attention can be focused or de-focused.
The light of your attention contains all your emotional projections.
This light is what we direct towards the manifest world.

When the light of attention is de-focused:
  • When de-focused,  your emotions are not invested in anything in particular but more in abstract themes. 
  • You see the forest for the trees and no tree is very significant, or the investment of projections is diffuse for each tree. 
  • The analogy for this would be a floodlight like spread of light. 
  • No area is exceptionally illuminated, but a large area is covered. 
  • Its like a cloud like density spanning a large area. But power output for change at a micro level is low.
When the light of attention is focused:
  • When focused, your emotional projections are invested and directed to a single object or small group of objects.
  • You see a single tree of the forest in great detail and all your projections are directed towards it.
  • The analogy would be a laser like pointed light.
  • Its like the density of a small iron ball. 
  • Its power output and capacity for change is high.

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