Friday, November 28, 2014

Mirroring of qualities in interactions, equanimity as a transcendent relationship

Qualities <x> tend to be simply mirrored among people in interactions:

We feel <x>, when witnessing <x>
We feel <x> towards <x>
We react with <x>, towards observed behavior <x>

Anger towards Anger
Hatred towards Hatred
Judgment towards Judgment
Intolerance towards Intolerance
Destruction towards Destruction
Violence towards Violence
Irritation towards Irritation
Anxiety towards Anxiety
Sadness towards Sadness
Frustration towards Frustration
Depression towards Depression
Fear towards Fear
Rejection towards Rejection
panic towards panic
unrest towards unrest
distress towards distress
struggle towards struggle
resistance towards resistance
fighting towards fighting
silence towards silence
indifference towards indifference
neglect towards neglect

Love towards Love
Attraction towards Attraction
Admiration towards Admiration
Excitement towards Excitement
Calmness towards Calmness
Happiness towards happiness
Fascination towards Fascination
Jovialness towards Jovialness
Energeticness towards Energeticness
Acceptance towards Acceptance

Equanimity is about transcending this action/reaction paradigm and just a clear seeing of 'What is'.
Its like moving in the 'Z' axis and seeing the whole 'x,y' paradigm and then projecting 'Acceptance' as a mega-relationship to the entire 'action/reaction' paradigm/plane and all its contents.
Equanimity is a transcendent relationship to the action/reaction plane.

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