Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why does this realm of existence exist?

If everyone is eventually going to realize the nature of their true self...then its just god playing different masks at different levels of distance away from his true nature... The most far-out adventure is of the person who believes he is something extremely limited... But as long as he believes in that, that is the truth for him and he simply acts from that place...the question would be: What would you do if you are god? And use the full power of your imagination to answer this question...your own imagination ultimately has the answer for why this plane of existence exists....out of all the infinite possibilities why does this possibility exist? Is the contemplation...why experience such limitation in terms of time space body survival social systems etc.?...if you were god, would you ever create something like this?....ultimately everything is made up of spirit/consciousness...So its just a question of knowing your infinite nature and then understanding why this particular realm exists.

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