Friday, July 1, 2011

Difference between a VR computer game and reality

I think the key differences between a computer game in virtual reality and real reality is fear. For example: Take a computer game vs a real world business environment. The computer game is something you play out of choice. The game too has its rules, constraints etc. just like real life, but there is no fear because you do not believe it to be real. Whereas in a real business situation, the fear is back.

Both the computer game and the real one create meaning. You may be not be optimal at some game in real life (say a typical corporate situation) but have you really explored all the real life games out there? Are you playing the right game for yourself? More options and knowledge give greater choice and freedom. I try to treat real life too like a game and not take it too seriously because that's what it is. Whenever I contemplate/start looking at things metaphorically, this truth always pops up. Once you relate yourself with the observer, it opens up a new dimension.

What is the difference between a kid and an Adult?. The adult has seen many more things in his life so his meaning would be based on all these comparisons.

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