Thursday, October 10, 2013

Excerpt from a lecture on nature of perception

From a Rupert Spira Lecture: The Nature of perception

"That which is never ceases to be. That which is not never comes into existence. Nothing stands out from infinite awareness. No finite object, no finite self ever comes into existence. Knowing and being only itself, never becomes another object, self or world. Matter, mind and consciousness are not 3 separate things, they are 3 ways of seeing one reality. Our experience appears in accordance with the belief we have. If we think we are the body, everything will appear that way. If we think we are the mind, we will become idealists. If we know ourselves to be unlimited everpresent awareness, then experience will appear in that understanding. Multiplicity, diversity, separation will no longer be seen as real. Apparent duality between inside self and outside will collapse.The experience of beauty (or love which is identical in feeling terms, beauty is for perception) is itself the collapse of the inside self and other, outside objects. There is no subject, object in our experience. Rupa - means both form and beauty. The experience of beauty is the essential nature of all perception just like love is the essential nature of all feelings. Truth is beauty, beauty is truth. All experience will shine with the light of pure knowing."

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