Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Theorem about the nature of objects

If an object can transform itself or change 100%, then the nature of the object is infinite potential and mystical.

E.g.: Say there is a screen in front of you, whenever you looked at it, it was blue. Now suddenly the screen completely turns red, without even a single trace of blue. What would you conclude about the nature of the screen?

Shallow Answer: The nature of the screen is both red and blue
Deep Answer: The nature of the screen is red, blue, both, neither and infinite. (This is the nature of object across all of time, i.e. encompassing the time dimension)

Explanation: This is because if an object can transform, change (delta) itself by 100%, that means it is essentially 100% unpredictable. It could well perform another 100% change and completely transform itself into something unknown. Nothing can be said about the nature of the object.  It is undefined, mysterious and by definition infinite potential (infinite trans-formative power).

Similarly, if 100% of the contents of your consciousness change (including the notion of consciousness itself, whatever that word represents), then the conclusion would be that YOU are mystical, undefined, and infinite potential itself.

So if you want to prove to yourself that you are infinite unborn potential, keep observing your experience until you can see 100% of the contents of your consciousness changing.

Another way to put it would be, if you are A and change completely to B later, then this proves that your essential nature is neither A nor B but it can be A or B (it contains the ability/potential to be A or B).

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