Monday, December 24, 2012

An evening walk - different ways of perceiving

While walking on the road, initially I noticed that my perception was locked in a certain pattern. I tried to open that up a bit by conceptualizing in new ways.

·         Looking at the number plates of cars and analyzing
·         Looking at street signs and parking boards
·         Looking at the shape and architecture of buildings
·         Counting the number of ground slabs, Counting the number of street lights and seeing spacing, noticing the sewer covers
·         Looking at all the people and judging their moods
·         Noticing clothing of all people
·         Noticing each shop and creating mental groups when possible
·         Paying attention to the colors around
·         Perceiving sky patterns
·         Noticing the ratio of trees (plants) to man-made objects
·         Noticing stationary vs. moving objects
·         Noticing the texture of things
·         Noticing the quality of the air, scents and my breathing
·         Noticing the reflections on glossy surfaces and watching the shapes that form

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