Monday, December 24, 2012

Love as a trophy vs love like air

Imagine you’re really attracted to someone and have all kinds of experiences with them, the implicit agreement is that you would store the memories with me in a special place in your mind and cherish them like trophies. If you are always in the present moment, there is no trophy, you are not in this game anymore, your love is everywhere like air and there are no special places or preferences, there is no selection. This goes against typical romantic love and pursuits where there is a very distinct selection.

A non-selective choice less awareness is like air, everywhere uniformly present while our conventional love definition is more like a solid object we treasure like a trophy. So a person in this state does not have a personality as an object, it’s like air or water, infinitely modifiable, not even like clay which has some limitations. So in the personality dimension when all the solids are trying to find a way to fit into each other, the air just fits in anywhere and resides in a large space.

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