Monday, December 24, 2012

Dynamics of language

Perception and language are so finely intertwined. The person with finer perception would have longer descriptions for things and would try to improve on vocabulary. Our language also denotes our persistent perceptions. If I use the word “I” everyday 100 times, that means I perceive this “I” word experience that many times too. My choice of words determines my personality, interests, passions, what matters to me, meaning etc. We all have the same basic senses, but language adds whole new layers of concepts. It is connecting engine among humans. Each human has a language (verbal) module and we convey and receive information through this. It’s like a router.  Language and memory are also totally connected. We convert our experiences into language symbolism to encode them in memory. It is the descriptive layer of memory that allows us to be selective in our focus, differentiate, categorize etc.

Verbal communication is abstract in a sense because its empty and it only points to direct experiences. A group of words put together can help us empathize and relive old memories too. Words do not convey the exact direct experiences but they still come pretty close for a plethora of things. At a very high level, we give meaning to each of the words (sounds) we hear. Language and art are the only tools I have for sharing my experience of life.

The tricky part is that every person interprets words according to his/her experience. So you can never be sure of being perfectly understood. If two people have a very advanced vocabulary and fine perception and interest, they could reach great heights. That is what I am attempting to seek - A level of communication and connection far beyond the bourgeoisie, mundane. Language also determines the level of intimacy between 2 people. Deeper, finer, richer the language, better the expression power, better is the richness of the communication, leading to profound connection.

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