Saturday, October 4, 2014

Transformation from projective illusions, external world game, meaning

All the projections potentials are already there in our hands. The external world is just a symbolic forms on which we project. But the external world is entirely empty without our projections.We imbue all the symbols with magic. In fact even symbolism is my creation. Everything is my creation. Nothing exists apart from my projections.

The symbols are constantly changing but our projections are the same. In my quest to find a worthy object for my projections, I have discovered all objects are unworthy. Its only the illusion that is going to end because once I see there is nowhere to go, no real purpose, nothing to attain, then I transcend those beliefs which have tried very hard to find validation. Now, the desert will transform itself to projective freedom with the knowing that I am THAT.

The external world, earth is a particular video/experience game of consciousness. What is solid about a think which appears only when I look at it? If I close my eyes its gone. So is it that, I only experience what I want to experience? If the physical objects contain nothing inherently but just a slate for laying out my own projections, then 100% of experience is within me and only projected to external forms.  

Synthesis of imagination is what converts the chaotic pattern on the screen into meaning. Creating meaning is about exuding your inner projections on objects. Meaning does not reside in external objects. No object has any meaning. We impart meaning to objects. Exactly like how random swirling colors become a moving fractal with elements showing the principles of art - harmony, variety, movement, balance, proportion, pattern. These qualities run in spectrums too and life moves the spectrum analyzer of even these qualities.

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