Monday, November 10, 2014

About Seratonin

Seratonin is like getting back to safety. 
Its like being inside your home on a stormy cold night.
When you don't have much of it, its like standing outside in the open on a dark stormy cold night.
It vastly buffers all the stressors of life. 
Another analogy would be seratonin is like a car engine oil. All the engine movements are smooth when there is oil, life is smooth.But once the oil runs out/or is chronically low, the gears and mechanisms start grating on each other and wearing each other out mutually.
Seratonin is what protects you from life's stresses.
Seratonin is also will power, or the unifying energy of consciousness.
Without seratonin, in freud's language, the ID imposes its demands hard on the ego and the ego is greatly stressed. Its like having a very weak parent and a angry child making crazy demands and stressing the parent vs. a strong parent who can easily communicate with the child and have a nice relationship.
Not having enough seratonin is like not having skin on your body. Imagine how much all the elements of nature will affect you if you did not have skin. You get overwhelmed and retreat very soon and struggle to survive and fulfill expectations. 

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